Ghost Drums is a greatly engaging example of acoustically/digitally based, blended, electronically manipulated bedroom-folk. I recommend it highly.
— Cyclic Defrost

Pete Guazzelli, also known by the stage name Ghost Drums, is a drummer and producer from Perth, Western Australia.

As an eight year old learning to play the drums, Pete came up with an inventive way to make sure his family didn't disown him: By draping a big white sheet over the top of his drums he muffled the noise and created Ghost Drums. 

After a fruitful period drumming in local bands like Fall Electric, Rachael Dease and Gata Negra, Pete has revisited his childhood Ghost Drums set up and built a unique machine. Combining a gold-sparkle drum kit, loop pedals, synths and junk clogging up the spare room, Ghost Drums is this long-time Perth-based musician's solo project. 

It’s this combination of the new and the old – the digital and the analogue – that makes this music alluring.
— Who The Bloody Hell Are They?
An incredibly deep and atmospheric four track release…it’s something that reveals new elements and intricacies on every listen.
— Single of the Week - Drum Media
There are few people who would have the capacity and nous to do what Ghost Drums are doing, but after first listen most will wish they could
— Xpress Magazine